Another year and yet another Macmillan Prize competition – an very significant award for picture book artists.
Competing versus amazing illustrators from across the country is not easy, but our illustrator Aleksei has done it by taking third place in the competition. The the general exhibition will take place from Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st May at The Gallery of Foyles on Charing Cross Road, London.Macmillan Prize 2010 - Bitskoff Macmillan Prize 2010 - Bitskoff

Macmillan Prize 2010 - Bitskoff

Macmillan Prize 2010 - Bitskoff
Illustration were not the only things to win the judges over, a short beautiful story written by Aleksei himself accompanied them:

You’re a boy and I’m a girl.
I like dreaming and you like building robots.
I like ponies, you like flying in spaceships.
You are scared of dragons but I’m not.
You know what’s inside, I know what’s on the surface.
At night I sleep, but you grow sunflowers.
I play the violin and you invent flying bicycles.
I live in a regular city, but you live in an unusual one.
I like sitting on a tree and you like talking to birds.
I draw, you write poems.
You’re a child and I’m a child.
I’m a girl from Earth and you are a boy from another planet.
We are the bestest friends.