A childrens book titled “The Monstrous Book of Monsters” by Libby Hamilton was co-illustrated by our Aleksei and will be published soon. Book also includes work by Jonny Duddle. Watch out, it’s full of freaky monsters, is out 1st Spetember 2011 and you can already pre-order it on Amazon!

Do you dare delve into the freakishly funny Monstrous Book of monsters where nothing is as it seems? Dr Thomas Jelly has packed his notebook with nauseating novelties and foul facts to teach readers how to avoid monsters, to spot them in the news or on the street and give us all a peek inside their dangerous (and smelly) world. At the end, readers learn that Dr Jelly has fallen foul of the infamous book monster – the readers themselves will be lucky to escape the same fate.

Monstrous Book of Monsters

Freaky Monsters Illustrations