Taking 1st place at the Cut & Paste’s “Characterized” Event on May 31st was ICKYPEN’s one and only Aleksei Bitskoff. Aleksei and Aaron Jay won the competition in London with their awesome “Fire & Water” illustration.


In this competition, the 3 teams of 2 designers were challenged to create two characters that serve as RIVALS or FOILS to one another. The competition was made up of 3 onstage rounds, each intended to create a product to be used in the following round. In the first 10-minute onstage round, competitors prepared a black & white sketch of their first Rival character. In the second 10-minute round, they prepared a second black & white sketch of the 2nd Rival character. In the final 15-minute round, the teams created a scene composition fully detailing a scene that features both characters and expresses their relationship.